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Joseph Baura, 27                                      When I'm not shooting shows, I'm...

  • Digging through Spotify or Apple Music for new artists.
  • Checking out random art installations and exhibits throughout LA. (Especially the free ones.)
  • Watching Lakers games.
  • Sleeping on the couch at home with my dog.
  • Looking for new coffee shops, korean bbq, and pho places to eat at.



Based just outside of Los Angeles, I've been working as a photographer for nearly 3 years, as of 2018. While I've always loved taking photos, I originally started covering shows through one of my personal blogs where I wrote concert and festival reviews and eventually found my way to a camera after a close friend let me borrow their equipment for a festival. Ever since then, I've found a huge appreciation in capturing moments at concerts and I can say it's become my number one passion. Having been able to cover over a hundred shows so far, I can say that the feeling of being up close and personal with artists never gets old.